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Vertical Blinds — When and Why to Use Them

Vertical shades are great window coverings for hot summer days when scorching heat can enter through doors and windows. Wide slats can effectively keep the heat out instead of trapping it inside. The blind design provides privacy while at the same time, gives you the chance to enjoy the outside view. The blinds also work perfectly to control light flow. You can adjust the direction and angle of light flowing into a room by using slats. Vertical blinds can keep a room illuminated and simultaneously lower its temperature. join this group for more information .

Where to use vertical shades inside a house?

Well, you can use vertical window treatments in any room. However, their effectiveness will vary according to the room.

⮚ Conservatories

Vertical blinds are excellent if your home has an indoor garden. The greatest advantage of these blinds is they provide abundant light but keep down the temperature. Even on hot sunny days, you can have a cool and comfortable ambiance in a room by adjusting the slats in a direction away from light. Thus, you can spend hours in the conservatory enjoying the cool summer breeze without getting disturbed by the sun’s harsh rays and glare.

⮚ Living room Vertical blinds

Usually, there are patio doors and large windows in a living room. Vertical blinds are wonderful choices for covering the wide glass windows of living spaces. This prevents excess exposure to glare and light from the sun. When these blinds are open, they stack on both sides or one side and this feature makes the blinds perfect for patio doors. When the blinds are open, you can easily access the door without tripping.
Vertical blinds also fit well in bay windows. You can customize the headrail to even fit the curves of any oddly shaped window. Vertical shades can be easily operated. They completely open along along a headrail by just pulling a cord.

⮚ Bathroom Vertical blinds

With moisture resistant materials, vertical blinds are also suitable for bathroom windows. In a bathroom, you need visibility and privacy and these blinds can provide both. By tilting the slats, you can block the view inside while having sufficient light inside.
Choosing vertical shades comes down to your concerns about privacy and lighting. For this reason, we recommend they are not suitable for kitchens as they can block accessibility to the windows. If you have a conservatory, living room or bathroom that you are looking to add or replace window treatments, these shades are a good option.

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