Top 5 features of Marathi typing keyboard

Marathi typing

Marathi is one of the most significant languages of western India. Learn about Top 5 features of Marathi typing keyboard This regional language has the essence of India which depicts the values, cultures, and history of the western part of India. 

So to keep up with the tradition of speaking the Marathi language alive in the current times of the digital revolution, Bharat keyboards have launched a regional language keyboard for the Indian audience. 

But now, thanks to the Bharat keyboard, we have an amazing and user-friendly solution to this problem. This Marathi typing keyboard is one of its kind innovations embedded with the latest and advanced AI technology. This one of the fastest typing made in India keyboard, that offers the following features for its target audience.  there you learn Top 5 features of Marathi typing keyboard .

Marathi typing

The Marathi typing keyboard as the name suggests helps you to type and have a conversation in Marathi over your smartphones and android devices.

It also facilitates Marathish typing, so if you are not well versed with the Marathi language, you type your message in English and the Marathi keyboard will translate the same I to Marathi for the user at receiving end to understand the same.

In this way, it enhances your typing experience. 

Voice typing

The Marathi typing keyboard is embedded with a voice typing feature.

The voice typing feature makes it easy for illiterate people who don’t have the knowledge of using a smartphone or any other digital device for that matter.

It helps you to communicate with all those who can only read and understand the Marathi language. 

Marathi stickers

The Marathi typing keyboard comes with a special pack of Marathi stickers that are unique to Marathi typing keyboards by the Bharat keyboard. 

You can now use these Marathi-based stickers and gifs to make your conversation more engaging and relatable to the Marathi speaking community.

Glide typing

Glide typing or swapping is an amazing feature offered by the Marathi typing keyboard. This feature helps the user to type their message without lifting the finger from the keyboard. 

So now you can just swipe your finger over the keyboard to type your message easily. This feature makes your typing speed faster and better.

It also adds a fun element in your typing and is a new concept altogether which might have not seen in other apps so far.

Stylish fonts

Fonts make your text look attractive and appealing for a read. So Marathi typing keyboard offers multiple font types for its users to choose from.

This feature enhances the communication experience of the users and makes it more fun and interesting. 

What are you waiting for, try amazing fonts in every message that you type, and play with the creativity that this feature offers?

So, these are the top five features of the Marathi typing keyboard. To enjoy unlimited access to new ways of typing in the digital world of today, download Marathi keyboard today and enjoy the Marathi experience across all your android devices. 

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