Shopify ERP How to Integrate Shopify ERP Solution

Shopify ERP How to Integrate Shopify ERP Solution

What is ERP?


Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP for short, is a software or system solution that business enterprises use to manage their business processes, such as financial management, human resources, manufacturing, and sales. join this group for learn more .


Such powerful software provides you and your business enterprise with all the features that you need to enhance your business. 


You can integrate ERP software with other apps and websites as well, like Shopify. Integrating ERP solutions with your Shopify seller account is quite beneficial as all your orders, sales, and marketing aspects will be managed efficiently. 


How Does Shopify ERP Work?


An ERP software brings all the data related to your business enterprise into centralized databases. This reduces manual labor and simplifies business workflows. 


The Shopify ERP software will have a main dashboard where one can look at the overview of all the data collected from across the business. From there, you can click on individual managements to check the data, performance, and profitability of that department. 


How to Choose a Shopify ERP?


Before choosing a Shopify ERP, it is vital that you know which factors to consider while investing in an ERP software solution. These factors will assist you in purchasing the best ERP solution that your business needs.


  • Compatibility with Shopify


The first thing to look at while buying an ERP software is if it is compatible with Shopify. No matter how outstanding an ERP software is, it is of no use to you if it is not compatible with Shopify. Integrating it with your Shopify seller account will only become a burden instead of an efficiency booster.


  • Smooth Integration


Understanding how ERP software integrates with your Shopify seller account is vital. If it poses problems while integrating with Shopify, chances are it will only decrease your efficiency, as hindrances while integration is a sign of inefficient software. 


However, this does not mean that the software is not good; it only shows that the ERP solution does not perform well with Shopify.


  • Easy-to-Use


It would be best to look for a simple ERP software solution to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate its features comfortably. This will make your work far more accessible and more manageable with the ERP software. 


On the other hand, a complex ERP software solution will only increase the cost of training users to operate the ERP software. This will also reduce any efficiency in your business that will negatively contribute to your business. 


  • Mobile-Friendly


With the increase in mobile phone usage, it is preferable to invest in ERP software that works well on mobile phones. This will increase your productivity as operating ERP software from mobile is more straightforward than computers or laptops. 


How to Connect an ERP Software to Your Shopify Seller Account?


Once you have purchased your desired ERP software solution, you can use one of many ERP software Integrators or Connectors available in the market. This will comfortably connect your ERP software to your Shopify seller account. Using Integrators or Connectors requires you to pay a certain fee, though. 


Efficient Data Management Through Shopify ERP


Choosing and integrating the best ERP software solution for your Shopify store can bring you loads of benefits. Through the ERP software, you can increase sales and revenue that will maximize profit. 


Using good ERP software will automate data processing efficiently, preventing the manual entry of data which takes a lot of time. This data will be processed and delivered with precision so that you will not have to worry about errors. 


Risks of Shopify ERP


Although ERP software solutions have their benefits, there are certain risks of ERP software as well. 


  • Cost


ERP software solutions are very costly, and most solutions cost about three to four times what they were initially budgeted. Moreover, you have to pay for each user monthly, which can be taxing. Also, Dynamics customization of the modules of ERP software is extremely expensive, which are most often the only reason that makes ERP software solution very costly.


  • Data Security


Your entire business data is stored in ERP software, which makes it a potential target for cyber hackers to exploit. To avoid that, you must secure all your ERP software, which in addition can be costly as well. 


  • Employee Training


To take full advantage of the ERP software solution, your employees must use it smartly, which requires full training regarding operating the ERP software. This adds an extra layer of burden on finances and reduces productivity in your business enterprise.




There are countless Shopify ERP software solutions for your Shopify store. Your choice will usually depend on your store requirements and the budget. All the ERP software solutions in the market offer more or less the same features. However, there may be some differences in the interface and how complex or simple it is to use.

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