Power of Meditation

Meditation : Power of Meditation

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the process of calming one’s mind and making the mind empty. Meditation is easy to sleep. The way we should do exercise etc. to keep our body healthy. Similarly, meditation is needed to keep the mind healthy. Through meditation, our energy is focused. Due to the concentration of energy, there is the communication of power in the mind and body, and spiritual strength increases. Meditation is a way to keep the mind healthy. go here for more information .


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Effects of Meditation:

The biggest effect of meditation is that it will work as a panacea for you if you live under stress. That is the power of meditation. Even big doctors give their advice. Meditation removes unnecessary thoughts from the mind and gives place to pure and necessary thoughts and strong willpower will be required at the beginning of meditation. But with effort, you will start to find joy in meditating.

“Awakening from within is meditation. To always remain in a state of thoughtlessness is meditation.



There are so many thoughts in our mind that sometimes it seems as if we have come to a very crowded place and there is only noise all around. We do not want to, yet these thoughts do not leave us. With the power of meditation, we get rid of these meaningless thoughts.

Meditation is a way through which big changes can happen in our life. If you want to attain peace, success, and knowledge, then the simple solution is meditation. I said the solution is simple but the way is not easy. You will understand its full importance only after making continuous efforts.


How to meditate:


For meditation, time from 2 hours before sunrise to 1 hour after sunrise is very useful. This is for those people who are going to start meditation. Those who wish to practice even earlier can practice at the time of Brahmamuhurta (3 – 4 o’clock).


A routine: 

Before practice, get rid of defecation, etc. It is good if you can take a bath. If you can not do it, then definitely wash your hands and feet. Then choose a place where you do not have any disturbance, which means there is not much noise, it is ventilated, it does not mean that you have to sit right in front of the fan, then sit on easy laying.



Here I would like to tell which position would be the best for meditation, otherwise, meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, but if you want to take full advantage and know its power soon, then start as told. Then when it becomes a habit, you concentrating on, Andbrain’s working capacity to understand in which state one should meditate. Sitting in an easy position, straighten your back so that your spine becomes completely straight.


Where to sit facing:

It is not necessary which side to sit facing, but if the best direction is spoken, then the east or north direction will be the best. Now after sitting in the posture, close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Remember, breathing should be on its own, not that you are breathing forcefully because then you will be busy breathing itself. Just pay attention to how your breath is moving inside your body. Feel your breath go up to the navel in your belly and then out. When the breath goes in, feel that a lot of energy is going into your body with the breath, and when the breath is coming out of your body, it is taking out all the bad elements and bad elements inside you. Is.

Beginning of Meditation:

Now you sit on the seat with a very calm mind and slowly take 4-5 long-long breaths. Now close your eyes and try to see your goal with a mental vision. Think about his qualities. One who is restrained and whose mind is pure will be able to concentrate easily on any goal. But the mind of those who are not restrained will jump here and there like monkeys. Try it! Resolve! Pray to God! You will certainly be successful.


Control your mind:

If the mind runs out, bring it back to the target object. In the beginning, the practice can be done from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. It can be reached in 30 – 60 minutes in two weeks. If you want to practice more than this, then you should make yourself everything like a yogi. Diet – Vihara, Ethics – Thoughts, everything. Then you can practice meditation as much as you want. For a normal person, 30 – 45 minutes of meditation is enough.

If anyone is interested in music, he can meditate on that nada or rhythm. This is called Nadayoga and Laya yoga. For those who want to meditate with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra, a combination of these two yogas can be done. In this, Gayatri Mata has to be meditated along with chanting of mantras. If you want, you can visualize any of your journeys. It can also help increase your concentration. Try that whatever you visualize is clear.


Meditation A Global Capital:

When you start staying focused on that goal for a long time, then understand that your meditation yoga has started. Now you can make the goal of your meditation on God. The one who has everything. Why only God? We understand this with an example. Meditation is a kind of cosmic capital, through which you can take help from all the gods and goddesses of the world according to their specialty. One who will have this cosmic capital can establish contact with any deity. Ramakrishna Paramahansa, using this cosmic capital, had proved everyone right by using different sadhana methods. With this cosmic capital of meditation, yogis achieve yogic siddhis and from this cosmic capital, they become entitled to tantric siddhis.


Benefits of meditating:

It has been found that the power of meditation has many medical and psychological benefits.


Better health by Meditation 

Increase the immunity power of the body

decrease in blood pressure

stress reduction

Decreased memory loss (increased memory power)

slowing of aging


Increase productivity by Meditation  :

When the mind is calm, the productive power increases; This is especially applicable in creative works like writing, etc. When our mind is calm, concentrating on any creative work can do that work better.

Due to this, you get better Cosmic Energy, due to which you keep feeling tired, work and excessive energy. To know about Cosmic Energy, definitely read our Cosmic Energy post.


Self-realization: Meditation 

Meditation helps us to understand the purpose of our life. In this way, the correct knowledge of the purpose and importance of any work is possible. Our mind does not wander here and there, again and again, making the same work as the goal helps us to work.


Little things don’t bother

It is the habit of the mind to make small things big and turn them into serious problems. Meditation increases our understanding of meaningless things; stop worrying about them, And always take the big things seriously.


Relief from worry:

According to scientists, meditation destroys up to 39 percent of anxiety and increases the brain’s working capacity.


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