How to make WordPress website step by step ?

 How to make WordPress website step by step ?

Build a best responsive website now without any coding skills so let’s start learning about how to make wordpress website step by step in jest 10 minutes.  There you can learn about making a best website then become a website owner and earn money 1000$ per month . 

In the lockdown many peoples want to make money at home but they don’t know about best earning platform . So there you can learn for make money using a wordpress best responsive website . 

In the whole world 30% website on google are build by wordpress system. So this is very powerful opportunity for build a best responsive website without any coding skills. There you get drag and drop and automatically system to build strong  website.

Using WordPress you can install many millions plugin for perform a different task on  your website . You can boost speed of your website using many plugin and you can rank on Google to website faster by SEO Using yoast tool and other seo tool . you can order here for build a website .

So now let’s start building a wordpress website step by step .

To build wordpress seo friendly responsive website follow this all steps .

1.  Hosting and domain 

2. Setup system

3. Install WordPress

4. Set theme & plugins

5. Submit in search engines

1. Hosting and domain

To build a best responsive website on WordPress you have buy first a hosting and domain . You can buy this on GoDaddy or hostinger platform . Everyday many offers posted by GoDaddy platform for buy domain and hosting as free or low of coast So you can buy there any type of domain and hosting in jest 10 minutes. You can buy higher level of hosting to boost your website speed .

Make sure if you buy lower hosting plans for save money so users can face many problems during  serve your website then google bots make bad image for google console and your impressions will be down . so try to buy best hosting plans .

2.  Setup system

Now after buying hosting and domain you have connect  hosting and domain to host Website on servers . To setup you have simply change hosting name server with your domain servers . Then automatically connect hosting with domain . Now you are ready to build a wordpress website using this hosting and domain .

3. Install WordPress

Now you have install WordPress in your hosting server . So let’s start learning how you can do it .

First you have go to your hosting then open c-panel . You can get there apps in c panel  . Simply now click in WordPress in apps . Then you have submit some information like DB name , host nam , password , email for install WordPress.  After installation wordpress you get a dashboard for manage your site and thus your site created successfully . 

After install WordPress you have edit your site using WordPress dashboard. Thus you can make a wordpress website simply and quickly.

Now you can edit theme  , plugin and site name description and all other settings in dashboard of wordpress.

4. Set themes and plugins

Now you can install best  plugins and  theme for your WordPress . You should use lite theme for load faster and you have install some plugin like yoast  and other according your need . 

5. Submit in search console

After create wordpress site and edit then you have submit to search engine for rank on google or other browser search .

To submit in google you have go to google search console and then submit your website. Thus in in one day your site and all post , pages  will show on google .

Thus you can create a wordpress website and earn money using a best responsive WordPress website .

How to rank on google ?

After create a WordPress website you have rank on google to generate organic traffic from google for earn money using website . So if you want rank website first you have learn simply SEO techniques then make sure your site have 500+ post for rank faster on google. Then you must create good do follow and no follow backlinks  . Then 100% your website will  rank on google .

Thus you can get organic traffic everyday from google for earn money online Using your site .  

How to create backlinks ?

You have create backlinks for boost your website ranking on google .  You cam use Ahrefs tool  for find many higher authority of do follow and no follow backlinks .  Ahrefs is the best tool for get many unlimited backlinks . If you want free of coast backlinks so you can use ” drop my link ” tool from google and search many websites for backlinks . You can create backlinks Using comments section of other sites .

Do follow backlinks are very powerful backlinks for boost website in google .

How to create SEO friendly article on WordPress ?

You must create SEO friendly article for rank on google faster . So if you want learn about this all SEO techniques so learn comments below we upload more post in detail for teach you about SEO .

There i am going to teach you about SEO article in basically . 

So simply to create a SEO friendly article you can install Yoast  plugin in your wordpress dashboard . Yoast is a automatically SEO system there you can write best SEO friendly article using this plugin .

You have make internal and external link in your articles for make seo friendly.  

Hey if you want to rank on google a blog website so i recommend that you must write unique 500+ article and post in your site . Then you have create som

How to boost speed of WordPress website ?

If you want to boost speed your wordpress website so simply install a plugin that nitropack and then active this . Then your site speed boost 15% to 100% . This is very useful and trustable plugin for boost wordpress website speed in jest minutes .  You can install many plugin for boost website speed from your wordpress dashboard . website speed is very important play roll for rank on google . Google is rank faster higher speed website more then lower speed Website . So work on website speed for get best results .

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