How to make job management website ?

How to make job management  website  ?

hy friends , There i am going to teach  you  about how to make job management  website   . In this website  you can publish any type of job and many owner of company may post job for  users . To make this website  you have not need any coding  skills  so simply you can make this website  in jest 10 minute . 

You cam manage all job from your dashboard  and you can add or remove any type of job using your website . This website  work like . In this website  any user can find new job from publish  by other company  owner. 

So now let’s  start about learning that how to make job management  website  without  any coding skills . To development  job management  website  . So now follow me step by step .

1. Buy domain and hosting 

2. Buy job management  php script

3. Install php script in hosting 

4. Serve Dashboard 

5. SEO optimization 

1. Buy domain and hosting 

To develop job management  website  you have buy a domain and hosting . You can buy domain and hosting  go to hostinger or godaddy and  buy best domain according  your website  name and best hosting  plane .

To Make faster your website  you have buy best hosting  plane for your website .  

2. Buy job management  php script

To develop website  you have buy source code for job website . In this source code you get all files of your website . Therefore you have not need to coding  skills . This code you can by from (there) . After  buy this code you have must install this code in your hosting .

3.  Install php script in server 

So now first you have connect you domain with your hosting . If you buy from 1 source both domain and hosting  so you have not need to connect . But if you buy from different  platform  to domain and hosting  so you have connect domain and hosting  from changing DNS ,  nameserver .

After connect domain and hosting you have follow some steps for install php script  in your hosting server.

 First Go to c-panel of your hosting and open file manager .

Now go public_html folder and upload zip file of job management  source  code .

After this simply  unzip file and copy all file of unzip folder then pest in public_html folder .

 Now go to browser and enter your domain and hit on enter button of keyboard .

Now you get a php installation  window  for asking  database information . 

so simply  you have create a database  in your server . To make database  go to c-penal and click on database  and select mysql and create database .

Now go to browser and  enter your domain and fill all database  information  and click on next button . 

Now automatically  open a new form for ask site name and dashboard  username ,  password  . So simply  fill this all information  and click on install button . Then 2-3 minutes  automatically  install php script  in your server .

Now you can open your website  from your domain .  

4. Sever dashboard 

Now you can open your dashboard  for edit or manage all website  setting and command . To open dashboard  simply   go to browser and enter your domain and open your website  frontend . Now click on login button and enter your username and password  and click on login . Thus you get dashboard  of your website  to manage all system . 

5 SEO management 

Now you have manage your seo system. To make seo friendly your website  go to site setting  from dashboard  and edit all  website  title  ,  description etc all setting .  SEO setting  help your website  to rank on google faster …

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