How to make free blog for earning money .

 How to make free blog for earning  money .

Hello friends , There i am going to tech you about how to make free blog website  for earn money online at home . You can create a best responsive  website  for earn money . You can make free blog website  simply  steps in jest  10 minutes  .

So now start your online business in free using free blog website  and earn 1000$/ monthly  . So now  learn about  there making a website  . There i will give you best knowledge  for earn money now .  So if you want earn from blog so you must follow  this all steps .

1. Create blog 

2. SEO optimization 

3. Post Article 

4. Important  page 

5. Search console 

6. Adsense 

So friends if you want earn money from blog website  free of coast so follow this steps .

1. Create Blog 

First you have make a free blog website  . You can make this website  without any coding  skills  .    To make a free blog website  simply  go to website and create account  then simply  click on create blog button . Now simply  you have give your blog name and blog Subdomain name then simply  click on next button thus your free blog website  will be ready for work on it .

2. SEO Optimization 

Now you have focus on SEO techniques  for rank on google faster for earn money . To Optimization  SEO you can simply Set title  , description  , tags , etc.  You should  use one nich for one blog website  for rank faster on google . 

You can edit title , descriptions , and other things in setting  mode of your blog dashboard . To rank faster you must  use faster theme for grow speed of your blog website .  You can create backlinks for rank higher on google in jest month .  Backlinks are very important  for your website  to rank on google. 

3. Post article 

Now you have create article  on your blog website  . You must follow a rule for get adsense approval  and rank on google . So rule is that you must create 1 article  regularly  of 1000 word without  copy pest . You should  write unique  article for rank faster on google . If you have reach  20 post then you can submit  your website  for adsense approval .

Make sure your all article  should be 80-100%  unique otherwise  you can’t  get adsense approval . You Can contact us for more information  if you face any problems  to earn money from blog website .

4. Important  pages 

You must create important  pages like privacy policy , disclaimer , contact us , about us , terms and conditions . This all pages very important  for your website  to get adsense approval  faster . You can generate  this all page in jest 2 minutes .

To generate this all pages simply  go to google and type free privacy policy generator than you get many tool for generate this all pages in free of coast .

5. Search console 

Search console are use for submit  your blog website  on google for index and rank . So now you must submit  your blog website  on google search console with the sitemap  . There you can see your blog website  information  that about ranking  site and all performance  about your website .

To submit  your site in search console simply  go to google and type google search console then you get 1st link for open search console website . Simply  open it and submit your website in google .

6. Adsense 

Adsense is one of tha best source  for earn money from your blog website .If you connect your website  with adsense then you can earn money from your blog . You can apply for adsense approval  after 20 article  of 1000 word and unique  .

To apply adsense simply  go to google and type adsense than you get a website  simply  open it and submit  your blog website  for adsense approval .

You can apply for adsense from your blog dashboard  . To do this simply  click on earning  tab in  your blog dashboard  and than click on connect  to adsense button then automatically  in jest on click your adsense apply for approval . Now you have wait few day for response  from adsense team . If your blog are eligible  for adsense ads so adsense give you approval  for put ads on your site . When your site approve  for adsense then you get a mail conformation  gmail for inform you that your site approve  or not for adsense .

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