How to install WordPress in localhost

 How to install WordPress in localhost 

How to install WordPress in localhost

Hy friends there i’m getting to tech you for a way to put in wordpress in localhost xampp . If you would like to find out this so simply learn this post step by step .. Many wordpress developer want to find out for wordpress in localhost there for you’ll make website on localhost for education an objective. you’ll install wordpress in localhost then make an internet site and you’ll install any sort of plugin for exercise and learning. 

So now let’s start about learning that the way to install wordpress in xampp localhost .

To install WordPress in localhost follow step by step .

1. First you’ve got attend google and download WordPress . To download simply attend google and sort WordPress download then open 1st site and hit on download button .

2. Now copy or cut wordpress zip file from download folder and pest in C:xampphtdocs folder . 

3. Now simply Start your localhost xampp server from your computer .

4. After this you’ve got open your browser and attend https://localhost/phpmyadmin . After this now create a database name of wordpress or according your choice .

5. Now unzip your wordpress folder then attend wordpress/wordpress then cut wordpress folder and pest again in htdocs . Thus your all files should be in htdocs/wordpress/all files .

6. Now attend browser then go to https://localhost/wordpress . then automatically open a window for asking language so simply select anybody language and click on on next button .

7. After this all process now you’ve got enter Database name , user name , password of localhost xampp server and localhost name . After this simply hit on next button .

8. Now you’ve got enter Website name , gmail id , and password for your wordpress admin penal username .

9. Thus now simply click on install button and await 2-3 minutes then automatically your wordpress install in localhost .

10. Now you’ll attend admin penal using https://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin and if you would like open your site simply attend https://localhost/wordpress .

Thus you’ll install wordpress in localhost and begin learning about wordpress step by step . Using localhost you’ll install unlimited themes and plugin . you’ll fully customize in localhost to wordpress website .

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