How to earn money from Fiverr?

Hello friends. Today I’m going to tell you about how to earn money from Fiverr As a freelancer.
Today many people have many skills but they cannot use their skills on right place. This post
will help you to earn Money from Fiverr as a freelancer.

There are many ways to earn online money, but Fiverr is one of them to earn money. So come on,
my friends find out what is Fiverr and how it works.

Fiverr is a world famous platform to provide online earning money as a freelancer. So you can work
easily on it. it is 100% successfully provides a good services.

Fiverr is a online platform for Freelancer where you can provide many services like writing,
Translation, logo design, graphic design, video editing, programming and web developing. Fiverr
is a marketplace website where it’s provides many services as a freelancer.

So let’s see which step will be needed for a online earn money from Fiverr. You must have to follow
these steps for earning money from fiverr.

1) How to Create your account on Fiverr?
2) How to Create a gig account on fiverr?
3) How to Create a gig?
4) How to work on fiverr?
5) How to earn money on Fiverr By refer?

1)How to create your account on Fiverr?

First of all, you go to the Fiverr’s official website Then
you click on join button and Fill username in your profile and create
password and after filling these detailed click on join button and
activate your account. For this, activate your account, You go to the
Gmail ID and click on the activation link. In this way your account will
be activated. Then Fiverr create your Fiverr account.

2)How to create a gig account on Fiverr?

After create your Fiverr account you set up your profile like profile,
picture, description, language, education skills and any other details.
Then you can create a new gig account on Fiverr.

To create your new gig account to the selling menu option and click
here. Then choose a gig option. Then you simply click on create new
gig option to create your gig account. After this you can link your
Google account and fb account with your profile.

Now you have to fill your personal details from your gig account like name, photo,
description about your skill and language and then click on continue
button and after this link your gig Account to mobile number and get
verification code and enter the verification code and click on the
continue button.

Now your geek profile is completed. Now open in new window for a

3)How to create a gig?

Now after creating account you can create a gig on Your profile. For
create a gig first of all you have required To fill some details of
yourself. Then click on the “Create a gig” button to start this process.
After that Application form will open on front of your screen. And fill
the all details.

You have to complete your form to create a attractive gig. For this
you have to write your gig overviews Where you will be needed to fill
Some points like the title of your gig, the category of your gig and
related search tags of your gig. After this you need to Decide the
price of your gig on Fiverr’s account. The price of your gig is the
three type of categories like basic, premium and standard. And then
you have to give your gig description and establish your gig post.

You can add some photos and videos to your gig post like editing videos
and some photos like Logo design and related to your skills and you
can also link your working profile with your experiences and your
skills. After this you can publish your gig post. You can also promote
your big post on social media platforms to sell an. This is the way of
earn online money on fiverr.

4)How to work from fiverr?

Are you wanted to work on fiverr? You have to create your profile on
Fiverr and created gig account and create a gig. After this submitted
your details and skills experience. After that you can promote your
gig post.

You can also hire someone to do your work on fiverr.
For this. You go to the home page and click on the home button,
then select the work category And then leave the link of your gig
account and where Anyone who is interested to do your work will
contact you according to your Demand and skills. On the geek post
you will see all the information which you needed for your work
experience and your skills. Always remember you can earn money
From fiverr.

5)How to earn money from Fiverr by refer?

There are a best option to an on fiverr is refer. If you can earn up to $100
So you can Share a fiverr with yours friend and tell them to use a fiverr. If
your friend is create a fiverr account by your refer code you can earn upto
100$ on Fiverr.

For sare your refer code of Fiverr you can click on the side bar and click on
the refer option and get upto 100$. Then you get up your refer link you can
sare with your friend and earn money on Fiverr.
I hope this post is give you a sufficient knowledge
how to earn money on Fiverr and this post give you
a knowledge about Fiverr.
Thanks all of you guys.

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