How to earn money at fiverr

How to earn money at fiverr ?

How to earn money at fiverr ?

Hey friends , There i am going to reach you about how to earn money at fiverr as a freelancer .  Today many peoples have skills for work but they do not know about how they use it . Today in this post i will teach you for earn money in millions from website . 

fiverr is a best opportunity  for make money online using your own skills . If you have some skills like develop any website ,video editing , photo editing , short ads video creates etc. so now you can join fiverr platform for get work on fiverr . 

There i will teach you step by step about earning from fiverr company . 

Fiverr is a freelancing website and there you can make your profile for get work and earn money and if you want hire someone for your work so you can do it now easily . 

Fiverr is world famous platform for earn money as a freelancer . So there you can work with 100% trust . There you can get many payment options for transfer to your bank account for your work . There you can boost your profile and rating with your work skills .  So now let’s start learning about how to earn money from fiverr platform .

You have follow this some steps for earn money from fiverr .

1.  Go to fiverr and click on join and Create account .

2. Sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your work to our global audience.

3. Get notified when you get an order and use our system to discuss details with customers

4. Get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.

Thus you can earn money online using fiverr platform . Now i am going to tell you about all process for earn with fiverr .

How to create a Gig ?

If you want to get orders for work in your profile so you have to make a Gig for tell fiverr user about your skills and work . So if you want create Gig click here ((( and then click on Become a seller then click on continue button for get a form for fill this .

Now you have fill personal information form for your Gig details . So simply there you can fill your name , images , description about your profile and set language  etc. and then click on continue button . After click continue button you have fill some information about your education related your work .

Now click on continue and then you have fill professional information then link your google , Facebook , Twitter account with your profile .

After link account you have enter your mobile number for verification to account  security and then simply click on finish button . Thus your profile is read on fiverr . Now automatically open a new window for create a Gig.

So let’s start creating a Gig .

Now to create a Gig simple fill Gig form now after create profile in fiverr . To create a Gig you have fill some information in forms . 

You have complete Overview , pricing , Description and FAQ , Requirements , Gallery form to create a best and attractive Gig and then publish Gig .Thus you can create a Gig for earn money using fiverr .

Now when any fiverr user will see your Gig and then they link your work and experience or skills so then they can hire you for work according your Gig . Thus you can earn money using fiverr opportunity .

How to hire someone on fiverr ?

Hey friends . There i am going to teach you about how to hire someone on fiverr .If you want to hire someone for any work so simply go to home and then type work category link website developer or video editor , seo experts etc.

Then you will see there Gig for see there all information about there work and experience and skills. Then you can here them in jest one click .

How to earn on fiverr by refer .

If you can refer fiverr to your friends and other so you can get 100$  per refer . So if you earn like this so simply click on side bar button then click on Refer & get up to 100$ button . Then you get a link for share fiverr and if someone come on fiverr and complete all process there so you can earn up to 100$ from fiverr .

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