How to create backlinks

 How to create backlinks 

Hello friends ,  there u am going  to teach you for  how to create backlinks and how to this work for your website  grow  . You know to rank on google a website  the backlinks are very important for SEO purpose .    

You can create to type of backlinks like do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks .   You can rank your site very faster using backlinks . Both backlinks are very important  for your website  to rank on google . if you want keep safe adsense account so read this .

Backlink type 

1. Do follow backlink

2. no follow backlink

Do follow backlink

Do follow backlink is se best backlink then no follow . when you create a do follow backlink  so your site ranking  chance  higher to rank . Do follow  backlink are an HTML attribute that is use for allow google search bots to follow tha link . If a higher authority  full and big website  give you a backlink  than google bots crawl this site so google bot reach in your site using this follow link therefore google think that your site is believable for rank on google thus google rank your site on google faster .

No follow backlinks 

No follow backlinks work like do follow backlinks but in no follow backlink if you build no backlink  so any site do not responsibility for your site .  It’s mean that this type of backlinks are not authorized  by any other website  where you create this link .

How to create Do follow backlinks ?

If you want to create do follow backlink so first you have buy any tool like Ahrefs or ubersuggest . Using this tool you can analysis  other any site of your competitors Then this tool show you all backlinks of targeted site . Thus you can make do backlink .

How to create Do follow backlinks ?

You can creare many backlinks using comment section . You can comment on any site for no follow backlinks   and you can using tools like Ahrefs .  Both backlinks do follow and no follow backlinks are important  for your website  to grow ranking  a website .

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