How to Create an Android Application With Android Studio

How to Create an Android Application With Android Studio ? 

Hello friends , There i am going to teach you about how to create an Android application with Android studio . If you want to develop an app so you can read this post then you get best knowledge about create an real and powerful application. 
There i will teach you about app creation full steps A to Z . If you are learning for education purpose to create an app so there you get best knowledge for create  application  .
You have follow some steps for create an Android application so now let’s learning about creating best Android application .
1. Application Languages 
2. Android studio
3. Design 
4. Coding
5. Server 
So now let’s start learning step by step to develop an Android app .

1. Application language

You must  learn first some language  for develop an application . You cam learn JAVA , Paython language for create application . Many languages are use for create an application but you don’t need to learn languages. If you learn some 2+3 language like java , paython ,c++ then you can create any type of app easily . 
You can learn this languages online from google or you can join any choching center for learn this language.

2. Android studio

Once you learn languages then you van start building an application in your computer . You have install Android studio for develop android application.  So simply go to google and type Android studio download then in first website you get android studio software for download in your computer . So simply download and install in your computer then you have learn about Android studio features .
You can learn easily on google about Android studio . If you know about Android studio features then you can simply make apps using your coding skills .

3. Design application

After installation successful android studio  you have create a beat design for your application . You can design this on papers or in your computer . If you don’t know about app design so you can learn this on google or join any choching center for learn about this .

4. Coding

After design an application structure now you have make this app in Android studio. So simply write code for your application according your application design  in Android studio. You have write best and errorless code for best application performance. 
You can test your application in Android studio or in the your android phones . After testing you can publish your application in Google play store for users .

5. Server 

If your application take data from users so you have user server for store users data . You can buy any hosting or according your application user data any server for store users data and information . 

How to earn money from application ?

If you want earn money from your application so you have many way for earn money from app but there i am tell you for a best and  simple way for earn money from an application.
You can connect admob from your application for earn money . Admob is an advertisement opportunity for application . There you can add your application and then place many ads in your application pages from admob compny. Admob compny is work like AdSense and this is trustfully because this is a google product . so now build an application and earn money from app . If you want learn about more way for earn money from application so please comment there i will post next about this topic .

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