How to become a web developer

 How to become a web  developer

How to become a web  developer

Hy friends , there i’m getting to teach you about the way to become an internet developer and the way to find out about developing software . If you would like to become an internet developer so read this post fully . Today web development is that the biggest opportunity for earn money . day by day website are increasing on google . 

Today every businessman want develop an internet site . Therefore the demand of Web developer are increase day by day . If you would like to become an internet developer so this is often excellent news for your future . To become an internet developer you’ve got follow some things and skim some languages so let’s start learning about the way to become an internet developer in 2021 .

1. Languages learning 

2. Exercise and practice 

3. Development 

4. Get Project

5. Hacker attack 

1 learning 

You must learn minimum 3 language to become an internet developer that’s html , css and PHP . HTML language very simply you’ll learn and css are use for give design to website . Php is server side website you’ll learn php using localhost . 

PHP is most vital language for web developer . After learning this all language you’ll attempt to learn more language for increase your knowledge and strategy for develop website . 

You can make backend and frontend website using php language . you’ll learn this language in coaching otherwise you can read by online cource .

2. Exercise and practice .

You have exercise for develop something new during learning web development language like html , css , php then you’ll be master in web develop.

You can practice on localhost for learn php language and practice . you’ve got attempt to make different regularly for increase knowledge about development and if you are doing not exercise so then you get forget all languages then you cannot develop something new . 

3. Development 

Try to make something new develop for best experience for development . To education you’ll see other any website and make like them and develop better then it . Thus you’ll get experience in web develop during learning languages .

4. Get project 

New web developer aren’t realize taking project from customers . So there i m tell you about the way to take project . you’ll tack project by using freelancing website like fiverr or etc. If you’ve got big Friend family in Facebook or instagram or other platform so you’ll post on social media for ask develop website .

5. Hacker attack 

You have learn hacker attack solutions . For Handel hacker attack you’ve got learn ethical hacking for be safe from hackers . you’ll learn many tricks for be safe from hacker in php language . If you’re an internet developer so you’ve got keep safe your website from hacker attack .

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