Honest review: Best android keyboard for Sinhala speakers

Best android keyboard

When we watched Star Wars in our childhood, flying cars looked like a dream. “Fascinating!”, we would exclaim. But with subtle steps towards improved technology, I slowly and steadily feel this may soon turn into reality.  Here in Sri Lanka, we have a perfect blend of beautiful beaches and our cities becoming technological hubs. With the digitalization age in progress, all paper-based data is converted to computers. To achieve this, we would need a keyboard. A very simple tool or device that is a lifeline of the digital world. 

Sinhala Typing Keyboard

In Sri Lanka, Sinhala typing was very difficult due to the unavailability of good typing keyboards. But ever since I installed the Bharat Keyboard’s Sinhala typing keyboard on android, I forgot all the problems. I have been using the Sinhala keyboard for over six months now and the experience has been so good. My family, friends have installed the app and it is now as big as Jayasuria’s 340 in his test debut versus India. To know why it created a storm in my life, read ahead.  join whatsapp group .

Language Conversion and Speech to Text: The purpose of downloading the Sinhala keyboard for me was to type in my mother tongue easily. I was also in the learning stage of writing Sinhala at that time. Hence this app really helped me in practicing it. The keyboard has three typing options. The Sinhala keyboard, the English keyboard, and the English to Sinhala conversion keyboard. The first two, like they are called, are keyboards with respective letters.  A simple arrangement makes typing simple. 

The English to Sinhala conversion keyboard means the keyboard does transliteration. This way, faster Sinhala typing is possible. Word suggestions help you get words even before you type them. 

A third way of entering texts is the Speech to text feature which is very accurate. All you need to do is speak after clicking on the mic icon of the keyboard. Although before speaking, select your output language. To get the best typing options, download Sinhala keyboard app from Playstore

Quotes and Jokes: While learning the Sinhala language, it was also necessary to practice conversational Sinhala by reading quotes and jokes. By reading quotes on the Sinhala keyboard app one can be wise. Sharing jokes in your groups will make them fun. The jokes and quotes are in Sinhala and English. They are regularly updated so don’t forget to check them out after downloading the Sinhala keyboard app. 

Avatar and GIFs: It is common to find English stickers here in Sri Lanka, but not many apps provide Sinhalese stickers. For that you will have to take the help of a third-party app. Instead of going through the trouble, the Sinhala keyboard app helps you create Avatars. The stickers replace default faces with you avatar and they become very cool to look at.

The Shinhala keyboard app also has ready-made Sinhala and English stickers, waiting to be shared instantly. The GIFs are animated stickers which you can make with the help of the keyboard. Did you ever imagine making animated stickers would become so simple? Well experience it yourself now. 

Pop Texts: Thought of an interesting one-liner? Convert it into stickers instantly with Pop-texts. The Sinhala keyboard can convert the first 25 characters you type into stickers. Share it by clicking on the suggestion on the top-left corner of the keyboard. These stickers can be added to Whatsapp favorites by anyone who you send them to.. 

YouMojis: After avatars and pop-texts, you might think there’s nothing else a single keyboard can offer in terms of Stickers. But you might be wrong. The Sinhala keyboard allows you go create stickers of yourself through emojis. Click on the camera icon, record or click your image and share with your family and friends. 

Personalization: The Sinhala keyboard is customizable to the smallest function. You can set which input keyboards you will require at a time, keyboard’s height, and how big your letters should be. You can choose the shortcut functions you want on your keyboard, edit your avatars and add new sticker packs. 

The Sinhala keyboard app allows you to keep background images on keyboards or give a theme to your keyboard. Such small details will enrich your experience and will also increase your productivity while typing due to your comfort. 

Mood Analyzer: The mood analyzer of the Sinhala keyboard app is a smart feature which tells the user their current mood. It does so by grasping the words and tone you use while typing. You can see how accurate the app is.

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