5 new features in Android 11 you’re really going to love

The most recent stable version of the Android operating system is Android 11 you know best 5 new features in Android 11 , which was released in 2020. It first appeared on Google Pixel smartphones in the summer of 2020 and has since expanded to include flagships from companies such as Samsung, OnePlus, and others.

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Android 11 resembles Android 10 in terms of appearance and feel. As a result, when any users initially start it up, you may not notice many differences. 

With this article, we intend to provide a useful guide for all Android 11 users to unveil the potential of the newly integrated features that come with Android 11.  We have listed five of the less known features of Android 11, that add to the greatness of this operating system. 

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1.Screen Recording Option:

Google Play Store has a plethora of applications that can record a phone’s screen. With that in mind, though Android 11’s native screen recorder may be a little late to the party, it’s nonetheless fascinating. After all, you’ll have one less app to download now. 

Go to the Quick Settings tiles, to spot the screen recorder. However, before you go ahead with recording as users hit the Screen Record function, it launches a few options. You may, for example, specify whether or not your screen touches should be recorded, as well as whether or not the phone should record audio. It’s all really straightforward, yet it gets the job done.

2.Control Device with Smart Control:

People are increasingly embracing  smart home technology into their daily lives. As a result of this rising tendency, Google included a new area in Android 11 that allows you to control your numerous devices without having to launch an app. In order to utilize this new tool, simply press and hold the power button gently. You’ll find the standard power features at the top, but there are a lot more options underneath.

You may utilize a Google Pay shortcut to rapidly select the payment option you want to use for your next contactless transaction. You’ll notice a variety of buttons related to your different smart home items underneath that. This section will be pre-populated with six of your devices in Android 11, but you may change it if you like or as needed. You can use whichever gadget you like to turn lights on and off, monitor your security cameras, unlock your front door, and so on. There’s no need to launch three different programs to accomplish the same task!

3.Auto-Schedule Dark Theme:

When Google eventually added a native dark mode to Android 10, it was a huge deal. Though this feature was quite straightforward in its application. Users can either turn it on or choose to switch it off.

Other Android skins, on the other hand, allow users to choose when and why dark mode should be enabled. Users may now schedule the dark theme in Android 11 using one of two criteria. When the sun sets or rises, you may configure a dark theme to turn on or off. If you like, you may even set up a custom timetable for dark mode activation.

4.In-Built Chat Bubbles:

Google has built Android 11 to be focused on communication, the most important new features all revolve around alerts, chat applications, and other mechanisms that facilitate collaboration. Android 10 was the first to include chat bubbles.

However, for various unavoidable reasons, Google couldn’t prioritize them earlier. With the release of the stable version of the operating system, this feature faded into the background. However, it was quick enough to rectify this error. 

Chat bubbles are available on Android 11 and are assuming the center stage. Chat bubbles are recognizable to anyone who has used Facebook Messenger on Android. A “chat head” displays on your phone using Messenger, and it overlays on top of pretty much every other program.

The conversation is launched with a short press on the icon, and you may then type whatever you like. The conversation is launched with a fast press of the icon, and you may then decrease the conversation to an icon. As the discussion ends users can remove the chat head.

This is how the system-wide bubble feature works, with the exception that it may be used with any chat program, not simply Messenger or other apps with a similar design. 

5.Notification History:

We’ve all done it, accidentally swept aside a notification. Later on, realized probably shouldn’t have done it, but it’s too late. Resulting in an inactive notification, no longer found anywhere on your screen. Android 11, is, however, different. A new feature allows you to save every notification that has arrived on your phone in the last 24 hours.

You may go through the running list to see what you missed and discover the notice you swiped mistakenly. You may now find that notice you swiped away when you first woke up. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Notification history to clear your notification history. You may turn on the functionality once you’re there. If it’s already turned on, you’ll be able to see your notification history there.

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